Is the Hyundai Palisade worth the money? This car is actually “good value for money”!

After the Hyundai Palisade was launched in our country there was talk that it was not a very cheap car, but in fact, it is selling “well” as the annual quota was almost sold out before it was even launched. Well, because it’s a good car for the money! For the price information, check Harga Hyundai Palisade from AutoFun to learn more.

The Palisade is currently the flagship SUV of the Hyundai brand (excluding the Genesis) and if you look at the positioning of the vehicle, it is very close to that of the Land Cruiser Prado, which, combined with its decent off-road capabilities, has made it a popular vehicle with local outdoor enthusiasts in North America. This is due to the original HTRAC® four-wheel drive system (only available in the diesel version), which not only gives the new vehicle better handling but also a degree of improved drivability.

Another unique feature of the Palisade is the interior design, which at first glance does not look like a surprise, but in fact, there are many surprises in the interior, one of which is the double sunroof, which opens at the front, and the rear sunroof, which is a finishing touch to give the passengers a better view. In addition, the second row of seats has a one-touch tilting function to make it easier for passengers to get in and out of the car, so that the chairs automatically slide forward with a single movement, making getting in and out of the car stress-free.

If you like the charm of a big exhaust V6 and don’t mind the road tax, this is the best choice for you, because the smoothness and refinement of a V6 engine is something that an inline four-cylinder engine can’t offer. In terms of horsepower, it has a maximum of 295 PS and a peak torque of 355 Nm, mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

If it’s road tax you’re concerned about, but the lightness of the city driving that matters, then the 2.2L diesel turbocharged engine should be right up your street. The gearbox is also an 8-speed automatic transmission and there is a four-wheel drive system, which makes it a really good partner for outdoor sports climbing and off-roading!

I wonder if you have noticed a very interesting phenomenon? I wonder if you’ve noticed that some cars that people may not think much of when they arrive in our country often sell surprisingly well. The Palisade is one of these cars. According to the original manufacturer, the first batch of cars to be introduced to China will be around 20 units, but they are already close to being sold out before they are even released. The main reason why there is so much interest is the uniqueness of the car. After all, many people don’t like to go out and “bump into each other”, and the Palisade does reduce the chances of that happening, but the point is that it offers these features without being badly specified. This is the main reason why I would say this car is ‘good value for money.

In fact, Hyundai itself knows that this model is not a volume model, so why introduce it? It was to show the brand’s image and to let consumers know that Hyundai itself was capable of making such a flagship car, and I have to say that Hyundai’s introduction of this car has really opened our eyes, both in terms of craftsmanship and design!

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