12 - Tips to Make Your Home Look Bigger and Spacious

12 – Tips to Make Your Home Look Bigger and Spacious

Home is the place where you feel relaxed and spend most of the time. Home is the place that gives you the warmth that no matter how much tired you are throughout the day; you feel relaxed and stress-free as soon as you reach home. It is rightly said that no matter how much you can travel or stay in the best luxurious rooms, your home will always be the top choice for your relaxation and comfort.

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But what if the place of relaxation ad comfort has an interior that irritates the mind? A home must be well decorated and furnished accordingly. Whether you watch Netflix in your living, have dinner in the kitchen or sleep in your bedroom, all the rooms must be decorated in such a way that it gives warmth as well as compels you to stay in that room. The whole house must be designed with the perfect balance of form and functionality.

Whether you have a big space or living in a small apartment, a spacious room always looks the best and all the things feel perfectly distant from others. Organizing the stuff perfectly in space is quite difficult as you can run out of space and make it all cluttered and end up transforming into a suffocating place.
Playing a little smart with your home decor as a well-decorated home radiates such peaceful and good vibes that soothe the sight. It does not require expensive decor pieces as you can decorate your home with just ordinary things that are budget-friendly.

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1. Paint the Walls Light and Soft

A room hat painted with white color or any other light color expands your space visually. If you have a small room then you should definitely paint your walls white to make them look spacious. As the white painted walls reflect more light, it creates the feel of volume and space in your small room. Having a white floor is like the cherry on top as it enhanced further the illusion of wideness. Whether you want to transform your room into a monochromatic style or you can add pop accessories to add different colors. Choose the light-tone color pallet for your room as the color scheme plays a very important role in the aesthetics of your room. Having a color palette decided helps you to pull each piece to complement each other. White paint color is the best option as it goes well with any kind of furniture or decor.

2. Simple Furniture

There’s no need to add shiny and glittery furniture to your room. Simple and elegant furniture is best to install as easy to clean and maintain. A piece of simple and luxurious furniture that is enough to capture the sight with a soothing effect is the best to choose for your home. Whether you are choosing furniture for your living room or bedroom, simple always looks best. Especially when you have a small space try to avoid such over-decorated and dark-themed furniture.

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3. Minimal Decor

If the empty spaces look better then there is no need to fill that space with over-decorated pieces. There should be minimal decor with statement pieces that are singly able to grab attention while fulfilling the perfect amount of space. For example, having only one statement decor piece is enough to capture the sights and attention by standing alone.

4. Mirror, Mirror & Mirror

Add mirror walls in your home as much as you can. The mirror creates the illusion of capacity. Adding lots of mirrors in your home reflects more light which results in a more spacious illusion. If you have small rooms then having a mirror wall makes your room look wider.

5. Perfect Lighting

Suppose all your effort in buying and furnishing a home goes in vain, how would you feel? Obviously bad! But if you avoid the lightings it can happen in real! If your room has no correct amount of light, your whole furnishing, paint, and decor will be dulled. Buy bright lights for your home sweet home to illuminate it best so your home looks wider and bigger. You can look out amazing lights that are capable to illuminate your home as you can go with hidden LED light strips for a more aesthetic feel.

6. Bright Wallpapers

If the mirror walls don’t suit your budget, then you can go for the wallpapers. Decorating your home with wallpapers is the easiest way to make your home effortlessly. Create more grace and elegance in your home with creative and bright wallpapers. A bright wallpaper creates a wider illusion than plain wall paints.

7. Use Room Separators

Utilize your space with elegant room separators to create room for other activities. And even the best ways to save space if you are living in a small space. You can use curtains, room dividers, or even mirror dividers. A DIY room separator is also a good option. By adding a room separator not only you save your space but also creates room for your other miscellaneous activities.

8. Multifunctional Platform

Think out of the box and smartly utilize your space no matter if you have a small or big space. Having multipurpose things is new in-trend. For sorting and stocking up your kitchen essentials, you can use the kitchen platforms for different purposes. From cutting the veggies, and placing essential seasoning, to using it as a dining platform rather than having an all-separate dining table. You can make it more purpose full by adding the washing basin to it. Design your kitchen countertops with multifunction so your kitchen looks spacious.

9. Folding & Portable Seating

having a separate sofa set for each room can be quite expensive as well as it will keep lots of space occupied. And having the least seating can make it difficult for you when the guest arrived suddenly. To avoid this, stock up with folding seating. Floating seats help you to save yourself from embarrassment in front of the guests. The folding chairs are easily portable to keep your space unoccupied. You can bring your chairs whenever and wherever you want. From this room to that room, folding seats are best to have.

10. Floating Shelves

It’s very old fashion to install closed storage cabinets for stocking up the books and all decor stuff. Having a separate storage cabinet covers so much space that why floating shelves float everywhere. You even check how much these floating shelves rock the interior everywhere. You can keep your books, little pieces of decor, and a little teddy. It is by far the best option to save your space and things all at the same time while adding a different taste of decor.

11. Storage Drawers Under Bed

No matter how much storage we have, we always need more and more! Always look for beds that have storage drawers. If your stuff needs more stuff then you can keep your storage under the bed or if you have a small space where there is no space to add the cupboard as it makes the full of the small room then, these bed storage drawers are best to keep your all stuff.

12. Curtains, Cushions & Plants

Decorating the home is quite difficult as you have to know how much you should ad in that particular room. You can add curtains that long from the ceiling to the floor as it creates the illusion of a long space and wide. Curtains can add dramatic changes to the look of your room. As life is incomplete without the green fellow so keep them in your home. Indoor and artificial plants are the best way to add decor to your home as it radiates freshness. Also, add lots and lots of cushions with different covers.

These are some easy tips that will help you in pulling the best look for your home. You can add decorating stuff of your choice like canvas paintings and creative wall art, illustrations to your home. For adding more dazzling sights, place statement decor pieces. It is advisable to go for the furniture and items that come with storage so you don’t need to have additional storage spaces separately. For more compact rooms, go for the wall-mounted options are best in look while saving space. These hacks surely help you to utilize your space perfectly as well as decorate it more efficiently while keeping your all stuff well organized.

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