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The Real Details of the Divorce That Inspired Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story

If you’re a fan of true crime documentaries, then you might be familiar with the story of Betty Broderick. In 1986, Betty filed for divorce from her high-profile husband John after he was accused of rape and fraud. While the divorce didn’t end well for Betty, Dirty John – the real name of her abusive ex – is now serving a life sentence for kidnapping and sexual assault.

In honor of Dirty John’s release from prison, we wanted to take a closer look at his story and see how it parallels that of Betty Broderick. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this infamous divorce, from the scandal that led to it to the real-life victims who suffered as a result.

Betty Broderick and John Church

Betty Broderick and John Church divorced in 2003 after a long and tumultuous relationship. The details of their divorce are the inspiration for the hit Bravo show Dirty John,

which follows the story of a man who fooled Broderick into thinking he was a wealthy investment banker, only to later reveal his true identity and try to force her into a sham marriage so he could inherit her money. Here’s a look at the real Betty Broderick and John Church story.

Betty Broderick met John Church in the early 1990s when she was working as a secretary for investment banker Raymond Shaw.

They started dating and soon got married. However, things went downhill from there. The pair had two children together, but Church wasn’t always honest with Broderick about his finances. In 2003, they divorced after a long and contentious relationship.

Following their divorce, Broderick starred in the hit Bravo show Dirty John, which follows the story of John, played by actor Richard Gere, who fools Broderick into believing he is a wealthy investment banker, only to later reveal his true identity and try to force her into a sham marriage so he can inherit her money. In 2016, Gere won an Emmy

The Divorce that Inspired Dirty John: What Really Happened

The divorce that inspired Dirty John: The Betty Broderick story has been shrouded in mystery for years, but a new book reveals the real details. According to author Katherine Ramsland,

Betty and her husband, John, were actually quite happy together until he began an affair with another woman. Betty found out about the affair and filed for divorce. However, John refused to let her go and threatened to sue for custody of their children unless she stayed with him. Betty eventually filed for bankruptcy in order to get away from him and divorced him in a court of law.

The Reactions to Betty Broderick’s Book Release

Since the release of Betty Broderick’s Dirty John book, the public has had an opportunity to read her story and decide for themselves if she is justified in revealing the details of her divorce. Here is a sampling of the reactions:

Many people feel that Betty Broderick should have kept her story private since it could potentially hurt her ex-husband’s career. Others feel that she has every right to tell her story and share the truth about what happened between her and John.

Many people are interested in learning more about the real details of Betty Broderick’s divorce, especially since it inspired the popular TV show Dirty John. The book has already sold over 150,000 copies, which is astounding considering that it was released only a few weeks ago.

The Dirty John Scandal: What Happens Next?

Betty Broderick’s shocking divorce from John gave us a glimpse into the dark underbelly of infidelity. While her story has been dramatized on television, what really happened? Here’s what you need to know about Betty’s divorce and the real details of Dirty John.


Dirty John is one of the most talked-about true crime series of 2018. The show follows the story of a woman, Betty Broderick, who was married to wealthy businessman and Olympic gold medalist John Meehan. After ten years of marriage,

she discovered that he had been having an affair with her best friend for over two years. Upon discovering this information, she filed for divorce, only to have Meehan file for legal separation instead. The show provides a detailed look into the events leading up to and following Betty’s divorce from John Meehan.

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