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Launchpad Brevard: Empowering Entrepreneurs in Florida


Beginning a business can be challenging, particularly for first-time business owners. An organization called launchpad brevard works to support, resource, and coach Florida’s business owners. This article will examine launchpad brevard, its programs, its mission, and how it aids entrepreneurs in achieving their objectives.

Launchpad Brevard: What is it?

A nonprofit company called launchpad brevard provides Florida businesses with resources and support. It was established in 2016 through a partnership between the Florida Institute of Technology, the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners, and the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast.

Goals and the Mission

The goal of launchpad brevard is to develop an atmosphere that supports entrepreneurship and innovation. Its main goal is to support the growth of businesses and entrepreneurs by giving them access to the tools, relationships, and mentorship they need.

Services and programs

Launchpad Brevard provides a variety of services and programs to help entrepreneurs, such as:

Co-working area, first

Co-working facilities are offered by launchpad brevard so that business owners can work on their enterprises and network with like-minded people. High-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a pleasant working atmosphere are all provided by the co-working facility.


Through its network of seasoned experts, Launchpad Brevard offers mentoring to budding entrepreneurs. Mentors assist business owners in enhancing their strategies, spotting possibilities, and overcoming obstacles.

Training and Education

Workshops and training sessions are provided by launchpad brevard to assist entrepreneurs in expanding their knowledge and abilities.  The subjects covered in these workshops span from marketing to finances to legal concerns.

Obtaining Funds

Via its network of financiers and financial partners, Launchpad Brevard gives startups access to funding opportunities. It assists business owners in locating funding sources and creating pitch decks.

Chances for networking

Entrepreneurs get the chance to network with investors, mentors, and other businesspeople through launchpad brevard. These gatherings give business owners a chance to promote their brands and meet potential clients.

Success Examples

A number of businesses and entrepreneurs have found success with the aid of Launchpad Brevard.  Many of its triumphs include:

Ignite Medical Resorts, Inc.

A new company called Ignite Medical Resorts offers short-term rehabilitation services for seniors. Ignite Medical Resorts received assistance from Launchpad Brevard in securing capital as well as coaching and resources to support business expansion.

Hydrogen from the planet

The startup company Planetary Hydrogen is dedicated to using hydrogen fuel to produce renewable energy. Planetary Hydrogen was assisted in obtaining money by Launchpad Brevard, which also offered tools and mentorship to help the company expand.


A nonprofit called Launchpad Brevard offers Florida entrepreneurs useful tools and assistance. Through its programs and services, business owners can improve their abilities, hone their business strategies, and establish connections with mentors and investors. Launchpad Brevard is a useful tool for anyone wishing to launch a business in Florida and has assisted a number of businesses in reaching their objectives.

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