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Kareo Medical Billing Software Reviews

Kareo medical billing has a simplified dashboard with a simple way to view data in various sections. It also has a mobile interface that is easy to navigate. The tasks can be highlighted, and you can filter the list by specific patient details, prescriptions, and illnesses. Its mobile interface lets you view patient appointments and schedules, and it can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices.

Interoperability With Surescripts

Interoperability with Surescripts is a powerful feature that helps providers communicate more effectively. It connects doctors, nurses, and pharmacists with each other through the Surescripts network, which helps to improve quality and reduce errors. It also helps to save time and money.

Kareo also integrates with Surescripts and Quest Diagnostics, which helps providers send and receive lab results electronically. Kareo is also compatible with desktop and mobile devices. This allows medical practices to use the same system on multiple computers. Moreover, Kareo is HIPAA compliant and has streamlined features for small and mid-sized practices.

Kareo’s eRx integration is easy to set up. The software plugs into Surescript’s patient medication history, making it simple to copy medications into a patient’s chart. It also supports electronic prescribing, so physicians can easily prescribe controlled drugs. It also supports the fight against prescription fraud and drug abuse.

Kareo also features a central dashboard for managing patients’ appointments. It can display recurring appointments, assign a provider to a patient, and assign patient information. It also includes an extensive billing module. Detailed reports allow you to easily review a patient’s charges and insurance claims.

In addition to e-prescribing functionality, Kareo also allows users to submit 12 different diagnosis codes per encounter. This feature can also be mapped to four procedure lines. Kareo administrators can also customize patient statements by adding custom phone numbers. Moreover, Kareo has the ability to share comments with patients and send Referral and Continuity of Care messages to patients.

Interoperability with Surescripts is another advantage of Kareo Medical Billing Software. Interoperability allows providers to seamlessly send and receive information from other providers. It also helps to make the data more accessible for doctors. By using interoperability, providers can ensure patient privacy and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.

The Kareo Medical Billing Software vendor offers customer support and online training. Customers can contact their customer success coach to learn about the software and get help migrating their patient records to Kareo. The vendor can also help them set up their practices to use the software. It also offers free onboarding and training for the entire staff.

Customer Service

Kareo Medical Billing Software offers its customers excellent customer support. Kareo’s outsourced customer service is available via phone, email, or live chat Like Spectrum customer service. However, the help center is difficult to navigate and the search bar is confusing. Also, Kareo does not offer a free trial, while competitors such as DrChrono and CentralReach do.

Kareo’s medical billing software is an affordable option for a small medical practice or hospital on a budget. However, it is not ideal for large health systems and has not responded to some online complaints. If you’re looking for a comprehensive billing solution for your practice, Kareo may be a good choice.

Kareo Medical Billing Software’s front office tools are designed to help medical staff better manage their workflow. This includes setting up appointments, managing patient alerts, and reducing no-shows. The software also includes a messaging system for practice employees to communicate with each other.

Using Kareo’s billing software is easy. Its third-party affiliate billers enter and code charges and provide patient-specific documentation. Additionally, Kareo offers revenue-cycle services for customers who need them. The software supports almost every medical specialty. Further, Kareo’s revenue-cycle solution is compatible with a value-based care model.

Kareo provides cloud-based EMR software designed for small and independent practices. With the help of this software, independent medical practices can run their businesses efficiently and provide superior patient care. Customers have given Kareo a Net Promoter Score of 23. Its Net Promoter Score measures how satisfied customers are with the company.

Customers are also able to receive help from Kareo’s dedicated customer service team. The company offers support eight hours a day, seven days a week. The customer service team can help clients improve their collections and train their staff on the platform. Customers can also request monthly consultations with a customer success coach. The customer success coach will analyze practice data and help optimize practice operations.

Kareo also provides comprehensive billing services. The customer service team will work with clients and their outsourced medical billers to ensure claims are paid in a timely manner. Its 95% clean claims rate is a testament to this commitment to customer service. Kareo’s software system scans each claim before submission to identify any red flags that might cause denials. The system will then assign the claim to a biller who can address the problem. Kareo will also move any denied claims to the front of the queue.


Kareo is a powerful medical billing software for independent health practices. Its customizable templates help you meet the needs of your particular practice. Its billing system supports almost 50 medical specialties, and it provides a fast and easy implementation. You will also appreciate its user-friendly interface and customer support. This software will even help you find out the reasons for insurance denials. It also assists with collections management.

To get started with Kareo, you need to pay a $500 setup fee per provider. The company also provides a self-guided educational program, called Kareo University, to help you get the most out of the platform. You can also set up a monthly consultation with a customer success coach who will review your practice’s data and provide recommendations on how to optimize your processes.

Kareo provides an inbuilt messaging feature to let practitioners stay in touch with their patients and staff. It also includes appointment and schedule reminders. Additionally, the software offers agenda planning and document management. In addition to these features, it also includes advanced claims processing. You can also customize the reporting tools. Users have expressed that Kareo’s customer service department responds to their requests quickly. However, they said that patient insurance and billing settings were difficult to set up. Moreover, they found it annoying that the system would be offline for maintenance.

Kareo’s website claims that the software is “Medical Billing Made Easy”. It includes billing for physicians and non-physician health practitioners, marketing integrations, and telehealth services. The company offers a variety of plans, starting at under $200 per month.

If you want to get started with medical billing software, you can choose a cloud-based solution. Cloud-based billing solutions are affordable and can offer the agility you need to grow a healthy practice. Some cloud-based billing services even offer free versions. Compared to on-site solutions, cloud-based solutions offer the best value for your money.

The cost of the software varies depending on the features you need. The most basic plan starts at $139 per month. However, the more advanced plans can cost up to $400 per month. Some plans also have add-on services that you can purchase for $49 each month.

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