Cucumber Farming

Cucumber Farming Information in India With Complete Guidance 

Cucumber farming is cultivated as a raw vegetable. The cucumber has an important place among all vegetables. It is used more in the form of salad food. Cucumber has the highest water content. Consuming cucumbers during summer has no shortage of water in the body. Eating cucumbers can reduce stomach-associated diseases, pain, and stone condition. Apart from eating it, it is also used for making dishes such as smoothies, salads, chat, yoghurt and others.

The cucumber crop is ready to yield in three months and can be cultivated on any land, making it very easy for the farmer brothers to grow cucumber. Below you get guidance on the cultivation of cucumbers. 

Cucumber Varieties

Golden Full Moon

This variety of cucumber is grown to give yield in less time. Its crop gets ripe in 45 days. When its plants start producing fruits, then after a few days the fruits are harvested. Plants of this variety give a yield of 200 to 250 quintals per hectare.

Kalyanpur Green

This variety of cucumber is known for giving maximum and shortest yield. In this type of plant, the fruits are ready for harvesting after 40 days. When its plants start producing fruits, then start harvesting its fruits daily. This variety of cucumber gives a yield of 10 to 15 tonnes per hectare.


It takes 40 to 45 days for the plants of the glacial variety to be ready, which needs to be plucked daily after the fruits are ready. This variety gives a yield of 10 to 12 tonnes per hectare.

Cucumber -75

This variety is grown especially in mountainous places. Which takes 45 to 50 days to prepare. Its fruits are harvested at an interval of two days. This variety gives a yield of 8 tonnes per hectare. Apart from this, Priya, Swarna Sheetal, Pusa Uday, Straight 8 are also some such improved varieties, which have been prepared to give higher yields.

Soil, Climate & Temperature

Cucumber can be grown in any fertile land, but a good result can be obtained by increasing it in sandy loam soil.  The P.H. of the land for its cultivation. The value of pH should be between 6 and 7. Temperate and temperate climates are considered suitable for cucumber cultivation. In India, it is mainly grown during the rainy and summer season. Similarly, for preparing land and digging land, tractor loader are used efficiently. Also, they come at an economical price range. And makes your farm work easy.  

Apart from this, the frost that falls in the winter season is also not suitable for its cultivation. For a good crop of cucumber, the average temperature is required. Its crop can tolerate a maximum of 40 degrees and a minimum of 20 degrees.

Field Tillage & Fertiliser amount

To prepare the field before harvesting cucumber, it is well ploughed deep. Because of this, the remains of the crop in the area have vanished. After this, the field is left open like this for some time. Before planting seeds in the field, 20 carts of old cow dung manure are mixed well in the soil by ploughing it with a rotavator as natural manure.

After swirling the manure with the soil, water is used in the field. After this, ploughing is done to make the earth friable when the area’s ground appears dry. Finally, cucumber roots are grown on the ridge. Therefore, NPK is in the middle of the weir by preparing the weed in the field. Apart from this, after 30 days of planting plants in the area, spray 20 kg of nitrogen in one acre of field, and after 40 days, again spreading 20 kilograms of nitrogen, it gives a good yield.

Planting Method 

Cucumber is harvested according to different climates at different times . For example, in the northern parts of India, it is produced from March to November, and in South India, it is made only in November. Apart from this, the months of April and May are considered appropriate for its cultivation in mountainous areas.

Cucumber seeds are produced on the bund trained in the field. For this, keeping a distance of four feet in the area, one to a half feet wide weir is ready. Then, seeds are grown on these fields at a distance of three feet. Apart from this, if the farmer brothers want to plant the seeds in a flat field, then one foot deep drains are prepared in the area. After this, the seeds are produced at a distance of one foot in these drains. In the ordinary cucumber variety, 3 kg of seeds are required per hectare; in the hybrid type, 2 kg of seeds are needed.


Cucumber plants do not require much irrigation. The plants require more than one irrigation. Its plants need water for 10 to 15 days during the summer season. Its plants are irrigated only when needed in the rainy season, and in the winter, it has to be watered once a week. Therefore, the drip method is considered suitable for the irrigation of cucumber plants.

Weed Control 

The natural method is used for weed control in cucumber crops. Its plants need more than one hoeing. The first weeding of its plants is done after 25 days of seed sowing, and the second weeding is done after about 20 days. Also, for controlling weeds there are so many options you can use which completely remove weeds and make your crop safe.

Cucumber plant diseases and their prevention

Powdery Mildew

This disease, which occurs in cucumber plants, starts appearing only after a month. When affected by this disease, white spots appear on the lower surface of the leaves of the plants. This disease destroys the leaves of the plants, which also affects the yield. For the prevention of this disease, an appropriate amount of Sulphur and Carathane is sprayed on the leaves of the plants.

Fruit Fly

This type of disease attacks plants in the form of pests. This disease spoils both the raw and ripe fruits on the plant, which also affects the yield more. This disease can be prevented by spraying the proper amount of Cartup sp.

Caterpillar Disease

This worm disease affects the leaves of plants. The caterpillar of this disease eats the leaves and destroys them completely. Plants affected by this disease are not able to grow well. The worm of this disease is green and yellow. 

Wet or Seed Rot

This type of disease is often seen in the condition of waterlogging. In this disease, the seed rots and gets spoiled, due to which the seed is not able to germinate. 


The cucumber crop starts yielding 40 to 45 days after sowing the seeds. When the fruits of its plants start showing attractiveness, they are harvested. Depending on the variety, its fruits are harvested several times in one to two days. The cucumber crop yields 4 to 16 tonnes depending on the array. The market price of cucumber is 1500 to 2000 rupees per quintal, so farmers can earn a good profit by making more than approx. 1 lakh from a one-time crop of cucumber.

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