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Army EES: Understanding the Evaluation System for Army Personnel

Your performance as a soldier in the United States Army is continually assessed to make sure you uphold the standards necessary for your level and position. The Army Evaluation Entry System (EES) is the name of this evaluation system. This post will examine the Army EES in greater detail, including what it is, how it operates, and what you can do to ensure a fair review.

Describe the Army EES.

The Army EES is the mechanism utilized to assess each soldier’s performance. It is a web-based system that enables managers to assess and grade their employees according to their performance. The system offers a uniform process for evaluating Army employees across all ranks and positions and is intended to be fair and impartial.

How does the Army EES operate?

The Army EES is a multi-step procedure with various essential elements. Setting goals is the first step, during which supervisors and subordinates collaborate to establish performance objectives for the forthcoming review period. The performance of the subordinate is then assessed using these objectives.

The evaluation itself is performed in the second stage utilizing a standardized form called the DA Form 2166-9. Using their successes, strengths, and areas for development, the subordinate’s performance is assessed using this form.

Following completion of the evaluation, the supervisor and subordinate meet to go over the findings and, if necessary, create a plan for improvement. After that, higher headquarters receive the evaluation for review and approval.

How to Conduct a Successful Evaluation

You can take a number of actions as an Army member to guarantee a fair and accurate evaluation:

Establish precise performance targets.

Make sure you and your manager establish clear, defined, attainable, and measurable performance goals during the goal-setting phase.

Maintain a log of your achievements.

Keep a log of your successes and accomplishments during the evaluation period. Your manager will find it simpler to appropriately assess your performance if you do this.

Seek criticism

Throughout the evaluation period, ask your boss and your coworkers for input. This will enable you to pinpoint problem areas and make the necessary corrections.

Take initiative

Take the initiative to look for extra chances for training and development. This will not only help you perform better, but it will also show how dedicated you are to the Army and your work.


Army EES is a crucial part of the performance management system for the Army. You can make sure that you get a fair and accurate review by being aware of how the system operates and taking proactive measures to enhance your performance. Set specific performance targets, keep track of your successes, ask for feedback, and approach professional development in a proactive manner.

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