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A Comprehensive Guide to Online Learning with Blackboard UMass

Are you a University of Massachusetts Amherst student trying to find your way through Blackboard UMass’s online courses? Look nowhere else! You can learn everything you need to know to get the most out of your virtual classroom experience by following the extensive instructions in this manual.


Universities all across the world have switched to online education as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and UMass Amherst is no exception. The university has selected Blackboard UMass as its virtual teaching platform, and it provides a number of tools and resources to improve the online learning environment. Whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned pro, this tutorial will make it simple for you to navigate Blackboard UMass.

Learning to Use Blackboard at UMass

You’ll need to log in to Blackboard UMass using your UMass NetID and password to get started. You will be directed to your Blackboard UMass dashboard after successfully logging in. You can get a list of all the courses you are enrolled in right here. To access a course’s content, click on it.

Using UMass Blackboard

After entering a course, a menu will appear on the left side of the screen. You can find all the tools and materials you’ll need on this menu to take part in the course, including:

Announcements:  Your instructor will publish important course announcements here.

Course Information: This is where you can find all the texts, videos, and assignments you need to finish the course.

Message Board: Here, you can interact with your classmates by asking them questions and participating in discussions.

Grades:  Here is where you can see your course grades.

Tools: The calendar and the course roster are among the extra tools and resources you may find here.

UMass Blackboard mobile app

You’ll be relieved to learn that Blackboard UMass has a mobile app if you’re constantly on the move. You can use the app on your smartphone or tablet to access your course materials, take part in conversations, and see your grades. The app is available for download through Google Play or the App Store.

Blackboard Massachusetts: Hints and Tips

These pointers will help you get the most out of Blackboard UMass now that you are familiar with its fundamentals:

1. Consistently check Blackboard at UMass.

For the latest information on assignments, due dates, and course announcements, check Blackboard UMass frequently. To guarantee you don’t miss anything, make it a practice to log onto Blackboard UMass at least once per day.

2. Make use of the message board.

An excellent method to get to know your classmates and get assistance with the course material is through the discussion board. Don’t be shy about expressing your opinions or asking questions about the course material.

3. Remain aware of deadlines.

A calendar that lists all of your forthcoming assignments and deadlines is already included in Blackboard UMass. To keep up with your coursework, be sure to frequently check the calendar.

4. Personalised Notifications

You can choose to receive alerts when new content is posted or when deadlines are approaching by customizing your Blackboard UMass notifications. To do this, select “Edit Notification Settings” from the “Settings” menu in the top-right corner of the screen.

5. Use the smartphone app.

The Blackboard UMass mobile app is a fantastic tool for keeping up with your homework while you’re on the go. Utilize it on your smartphone or tablet to access course materials, participate in conversations, and check your marks.


For students at UMass Amherst managing online learning, Blackboard UMass is a crucial tool. You can maximize the platform and succeed in your coursework by following the advice provided in this manual. Keep in mind to routinely check Blackboard UMass, participate in discussions, and be aware of due dates.

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