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5 Tips To Choose Safest Motorcycle Leather Jackets in 2022

Motorcycle leather jackets are a great source of protecting yourself from any kind of bruises during a bike ride.

These leather jackets are made of genuine leather which is best for this purpose.

A biker should have at least one motorcycle leather jacket made of genuine leather in its closet.

So, before talking about how to get the safest leather jacket you must know something about these jackets.

These jackets are around us since 1920 when the manufacturers made them for aviation purposes.

Later these jackets become popular among the general public and then so on till nowadays.

These jackets are still popular and attain so many forms and one of them is motorcycle leather jackets.

So, to get the safest and perfect leather jacket you must know some things.

In this context, we are going to discuss those things which are necessary to consider for these jackets.

Tips To Choose Safest Leather Jackets:

Tips that you should follow before buying new leather jackets for yourself are as follows.

So, let’s take a look at those tips and then enjoy the safest leather jacket while riding your motorcycle.

Durability and Thickness:

However, there is a general guideline to follow when choosing motorcycle leather jackets.

That rule is the thicker the jacket, the better the quality.

As you know, thickness typically correlates with weight, which immediately correlates with the leather’s resistance to abrasion.

Although the Motorcycle Jacket is a recognizable piece of leather clothing.

It is the safest option for motorcycle riders.

Lightweight leather jackets on the other hand can protect your skin in a slow slide since they are 1mm thicker, preferable than a shirt or fleece.

Good leather has a general-purpose weight of 1.2mm.

Although this might not seem like much of an improvement, the additional thickness results in greater abrasion resistance.

The heavyweight of a jacket is often known as a professional or racing weight.

Which has the fastest sliding speeds and is typically approximately 1.4mm thick.

This statement is only a generalization.

Because the integrity of the final product also depends on how it was built, stitched, tanned, and polished.

Label of Safety:

To assess its appropriateness, leather motorcycle apparel, which includes jackets, pants, and one-piece suits,

All of them are subjected to particular sorts of destruction testing.

These tests cover burst strength, impact resistance to a sharp item, and abrasion resistance.

Therefore, you’re in excellent hands if a “CE mark” can be seen on a label inside a leather jacket.

The letters CE stand for Conformité Européene, sometimes known as European Conformity.

Which indicates that the clothing has complied with European safety standards.

These initials will include a safety confirmation code that outlines the tests that were passed.

Moreover, it identifies the specific body part that is being referenced.

The letters EN will start this code.

Consider the EN1621-1:2003 standard.

It’s a motorcycle-specific rating of 1621, a testing level of 1, and a standard implementation date of 2003.

It’s important to note that reputable UK producers of high-grade motorcycle leather jackets necessarily uphold internal testing and quality requirements.

Therefore, these safety testing labels imply that the product is made of excellent-quality of leather.

Wind and Water Proofing:

Impact and abrasion protection are taken into consideration.

You might be wondering how the leather jacket performs in terms of weather protection.

It’s essential to keep in mind that leather is a natural material.

Manufacturers are very protective of their tanning, preparation, and application procedures.

Because if left untreated, it will leak like a sieve.

Leather is not waterproof yet it can be water resistant.

The majority of leathers block the majority of the rainwater.

Most of the manufacturers claim that their motorcycle leather jackets are completely waterproof, though, these jackets remain sceptical.

It is glad to report that wind proofing is a whole different issue.

Full-grain leather of high calibre offers superb wind protection.

High Visibility:

Although it’s an unwritten rule that bike leather jackets must be black.

But it is important to note that adding any more visibility can help you play it safe.

The high-visibility clothing market for sports bikes appears to be well-served.

Black leather jackets featuring high-viz stripes or inlays included are good to avail.

There are so many places to go if you want to buy completely high-viz jackets.

After Care:

It seems to sense that your leather will require maintenance.

To keep its high quality, protective qualities, and suppleness.

Do a quick wash in warm, soapy water to remove any bugs or dirt from the surface of the jacket.

Apply a leather feeding lotion once the leather jacket has naturally dried.

Apply a waterproofing solution last.

Focus on tiny sections especially, paying special attention to the regions around zippers and seams.


The greatest advice for picking a leather motorcycle jacket.

Aside from specifics about the safety concerns, is straightforward: take your time and try on as many as you can.

Remember that leather is unique, so always choose the best one for you.

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