What is ParentPay?

ParentPay is a cashless payment system utilized by schools, MATs and local authorities. It provides numerous advantages for both parents and students – for instance reducing cash held by schools as well as improving school-home communication.

Parents can use their debit or credit card to make payments for trips, meals and clubs using debit or credit cards; additionally they will receive text alerts if their balance drops too low.

Easy to use

ParentPay Login gives parents the flexibility of making payments whenever and wherever they please – 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Transactions are completely safe and encrypted – as safe as using credit or debit card in store or over phone. Plus, our system holds payment histories so you can view exactly what has been paid for later!

Parents paying with ParentPay for meals, trips and activities such as school trips can obtain a plastic card allowing them to make cash payments at local PayPoint shops – this card can then be used to cover school lunches, milk purchases and trips.

Teachers using ParentPay find it easy to access payment information and track student fees, eliminating the need for parents to send in cheques. Furthermore, schools using it effectively manage expenses to ensure payments are made on time without losing money through late or wasted payments.

Easy to manage

ParentPay is the UK’s leading provider of online payments, parent communications and income management reporting for schools, MAT’s, local authorities and catering service companies. Parents can pay online for school trips, meals, clubs and uniform directly with an option of low cost balance transfer to a child’s bank account, eliminating cash and cheque payments altogether.

Schools can utilize ParentPay’s detailed reports for each pupil, payment type and date range in order to facilitate reconciliation and auditing processes more easily. Furthermore, its Medical Tracker makes recording injuries, illnesses and medication given easier.

Parents can log into their accounts using the username and password that was included with their activation letter, selecting from a variety of payment options for trips, music lessons and school meals such as bus passes. In addition, parents can view a history of payments that have been made. This should help avoid problems arising when children lose or forget cash payments home.


ParentPay employs industry-leading security technology that protects your card details from being stored on its system, while communication with banks remains encrypted. You have exclusive access to your account using a username and password combination you are asked to change upon activation – keep this safe!

ParentPay and Schoolcomms both meet PCI DSS Level 1, the highest possible assessment available. Both companies employ an Information Security Team who regularly assess and test systems to ensure continued compliance.

All new Parents/Carers will receive a ParentPay activation letter with their login details, if applicable. If your children attend different schools you can link them together via one account by adding them via the “add a child” tab on your home page. Alternatively you may opt to purchase a plastic card that can be used to make cash payments for school meals at local PayPoint stores; while your first card may be free, any replacements may incur a small fee.


ParentPay allows schools to go cashless by eliminating the need for students to carry cash to class or ride public transit with it, and by eliminating cheque writing for parents reducing admin workload and providing families with more flexibility when paying.

Parents can make payments either online or using plastic cards at local PayPoint stores, with records kept of each payment and automated email and SMS alerts sent out if a payment goes unmade or there are insufficient funds available.

Parents can access payment histories and schedule automatic payments for recurring expenses through this secure system, using leading technology to process debit card transactions. ParentPay doesn’t have access to your card details – neither does your school. Refunds can also be processed quickly back onto payment cards for faster fee management with reduced paper waste and more transparency in managing fees.

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