Top 10 tips towards a healthy relationship

We are in the age of modernity. Technology is everywhere and we are trapped in technological gadgets and tools. We forget our humanity. We do not care about the relationships we are on. Rather we emerge into a virtual world and virtual relationship. It appears that we prefer virtual life to our real ones. But this is entirely unexpected and leads the relationship to ruination.  

We should nurture a healthy and spotless relationship for our own sake. We are to respect one another. There are some new trends to break up among the couples. If you have such intentions, do not involve in the relationship. Humans are not perfect but relationships could be. So, try to make the relationship a happy one.

Here are the ten best tips to make a relationship happy and enjoyable.

Regular Date

It has been proved that regular meeting with your near and dear ones helps to remove all the negative emotions. Regular dating will prevent the communication gap between the two and will make sense which is helpful for taking decisions together. Besides, frequent meetings are also helpful to cheer up you both, making fun of the meet and eating together strengthens the bond between you. It also helps to realize the thoughts and activity patterns. It also proves that both of you are eager to meet each other and make time for that even after different difficulties.   

Effective Communication

Communication is the key to success regarding everything. If you want to achieve something, you are to express yourself and that is possible with communication only. So, express your feelings to your near ones. The majority of relationship declines happen for a communication gap. Let him or her know about something special or any troublesome fact. If you clearly utter your problems, it turns easier to solve that and thus the relationship remains pleasant. All the issues remain transparent which leads to a better understanding.    

Positive Criticism

It does not point that you are to abide by all the issues and facts word by word, rather learn to criticize your partner constructively. Constructive criticism changes the course of actions or is able to solve serious problems in a simple manner. On the other side, anger merely destroys the possibilities. Keep away from anger and discuss the issues gently and provide positive criticism so that both of you could understand each other and reach a common purpose.  

Avoid Dominance

It is a natural problem globally that majority of the males prefer domination over their girlfriends or spouses and in some cases, it is the opposite- the females dominate the males. Domination is the wrong way to continue a healthy and happy relationship. It should be avoided from both sides, rather build a relationship based on mutual trust and friendship. After a certain time, the domination may lead to the ending of the once-desired relationship.    

Seek Apology

Humans are mortal beings and committing mistakes is one of the leading flaws in us. So, if you make any mistake, let her/ him know about that and seek an apology. The apology is helpful to build a positive image and represents your sincerity in the relationship.    

Show Respect

Respecting each other is the other virtue that makes the relationship a heavenly one. So, both of you need to be respectful to each other. Never ever belittle your partner before the outer world whatever happens between you. Try to solve that at home. Be respectful to him/ her always and never act in a way that bears any resemblance that you are neglecting or disrespecting the partner.

Evaluate the Qualities

Definitely, your partner owns some sort of qualities. Say to him/ her about the qualities and how you are proud of those. Do not exaggerate over the issue rather than turn it into flattery. Just tell me the facts you are happy about.

Sexual involvement

If you are married and having trouble with your other half, the best idea is to involve in physical amusements. This is the best medicine ever discovered. Involving in sexual behaviors releases some hormones that are essential to keep your mood fine. If you are in a jolly mood, you cannot make any sort of nuisance even if you want.     

Offer small gifts

Occasionally providing small gifts to your counterpart is a good way to make her/ him feel special. It also helps to create soft corners for one another in the mind and the relationship turns more cordial as receiving gifts is truly enjoyable. Besides, small and attractive gifts create an idea about the personality of the gift provider.

Forget past

Everyone may have some past events that haunt them all the time. If you are one of them, you have to erase the past from your mind and live with your present. Do not talk over your past before the man or woman you are with now. It may cause irritation inside them. So, to keep the relationship happy, forget your past forever. Keep in mind, what is gone is gone forever, you cannot reverse that. So, leave that. Walk ahead raising your head up with the person you have with you now.   

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