Tools to Watch Instagram Stories

If you want to view an Instagram story without them knowing, there are tools available that can assist. Some are apps you install on your phone while others provide access from any browser.

Most of these tools require that you know a person’s username. Once you do, use your desired IG story viewer and search for them.


Instagram Stories allows users to easily upload photos and videos directly onto their profiles using filters, stickers, emojis, text and more to create unique stories for followers to see. Instagram Story can help attract more followers while growing your brand – it’s free and simple to get started using.

Iganony is an easy, secure and completely anonymous service for viewing Instagram stories without the account holder knowing. Simply login using their user name and password for access to their stories, highlights, photographs and movies without ever alerting them that someone is watching!

Instagram Stories can help you highlight and drive traffic to your product or website, by posting video tutorials or screenshots that demonstrate its use or dashboard interface. For complex or complicated products, creating an Instagram Stories tutorial that breaks it down into manageable steps may also prove effective.

Track the performance of your Instagram Stories using Sprout’s analytics tools to gain valuable insight into their audience. They give valuable details like who has watched and which aspects resonated most. Furthermore, use Instagram Stories to promote content from outside your profile (i.e. blog posts or press releases). And use interactive stickers such as polls and quizzes to keep your audience engaged!


No matter if you want to observe competitors on Instagram, comprehend an Influencer’s reach or simply keep up with your child’s social media, tools to view Instagram stories can come in handy. Many are free and come equipped with various features; just be wary when using these tools as they could contain viruses that compromise personal data and lead to identity theft.

StoriStalker is a free, online tool that enables you to view Instagram profiles and stories anonymously, including likes, comments, posts, subscriptions (even deleted ones!), photos and videos without loss in quality; plus it requires no registration or software downloads!

Qoob Stories is one of the leading Instagram Story viewers and mass downloaders available, offering users easy use with plenty of features perfect for business use. In addition, its premium version allows access to private Instagram accounts while simultaneously downloading content in bulk.


Snoopreport is an Instagram tracking tool with an intuitive user-friendly interface that enables you to easily monitor multiple accounts at once, with exceptional customer service thrown in for good measure. Snoopreport also excels in data analysis and trend discovery – including tracking following and liking activity of profiles; an invaluable feature for businesses or artists looking to understand their target market.

Snoopreport also allows you to monitor the activity of Instagram users who follow you, without their knowledge. Although you won’t have access to private messages or accounts, it provides a comprehensive view of public accounts which could help identify if the targeted user is hiding content.

Snoopreport makes monitoring easier: simply sign up on its website, enter your desired username, click “add account,” and begin monitoring. Your desired account will then appear in your dashboard alongside a history of its activities; plus notifications if they follow or like other accounts on Instagram! Once added, CSV reports of all this data can then be easily downloaded without requiring logins or passwords!


Instagram Stories can be an engaging way to engage your target audience and promote your brand or build community. From creative storytelling with Story Highlights and stickers, to surpassing Snapchat in popularity useage, this powerful tool has proven itself a reliable method of driving business growth. Get ready to leverage its potential!

Music can make any story more captivating and increase engagement, using the Music sticker in Story to search songs by name, mood or genre. Once you find one you like, tap its play button opposite each track to preview before selecting for use in your Story. Adding music tracks as soundtracks for videos in Story is also possible by tapping its video sticker and selecting from your selections.

An effective way to add flair to your Instagram Stories is using text-based filters. These filters change the colors and saturation levels in photos for high-quality output. In addition, using Story stickers makes adding hashtags simple – plus, you can tag locations for increased reach!

Easil makes creating Instagram Stories easy with its vast library of templates. Choose from thousands of customizable social media posts, banners, infographics and more – plus create custom fonts or upload your logo! Furthermore, remove or alter backgrounds of photos to create eye-catching visuals for Instagram Stories.

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