Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times

Summoned to a Parallel World Many Times is an entertaining adventure manga about power and discovery, where its protagonist learns new abilities while fighting monsters and forging relationships with others.

This story follows a young man as he travels into another universe with different laws of physics, cultures and unique creatures.


Characters who find themselves summoned to parallel worlds typically do so to learn something, whether that means developing new skills or expanding their perspective on something in their home environment. Sometimes this journey allows an escape from potentially hazardous or troubled relationships or situations in their current reality.

They must adapt to these new conditions if they hope to survive; potentially encountering enemies who wish to stop them from returning home or have other agendas of their own.

Dependent upon their story, characters in Isekai manga often encounter friendship or romantic relationships from another world that aid in overcoming challenges they are encountering, adding depth to their plot while also helping their characters develop themselves further and grow as individuals. This aspect allows characters to form deeper ties within isekai manga while providing opportunities to make new discoveries about themselves and develop.


Assuming an extradimensional identity can be life-altering. Being transported into another realm provides characters the opportunity to start fresh and craft a fresh life for themselves, but adapting quickly to their new environment and making friends among those different from themselves are vital skills that must be acquired quickly in order to remain viable in this universe.

Some characters are summoned into an alternate reality in order to fulfil prophecies or save it from evil, while others must prove their mettle against dangerous adversaries.

Parallel worlds often contain strange creatures and cultures with differing laws of physics and languages; the characters must learn how to survive within this unfamiliar environment while adapting to any necessary adaptations, including language barriers and any needed magic classes in this new setting. Though challenging at first, this journey can prove immensely rewarding!


Repetitively being brought into another realm can be an upsetting and dispiriting experience for some individuals, leaving them feeling like they don’t belong in this world and help make an impactful contribution; additionally, this experience may cause depression and sadness in them.

This motif is frequently explored in light novels and manga. Shield Hero for instance features an unassuming otaku who gets summoned into another realm full of people wearing medieval-style clothing and speaking an unfamiliar tongue; initially overwhelmed, he gradually adapts and makes friends in this new environment.

Some stories use parallel universes as a device to explore themes such as civilization versus savagery or humanity versus nature. This trope can be found in fantasy, science fiction and even religious stories such as Robert Heinlein’s They; comic books frequently employ this concept too (particularly DC Elseworlds imprint), as do many shoujo otaku novels and anime that focus on Ikumegeno (soujo-otaku novels and anime that utilize this theme).


There can be various reasons for why characters might be transported into another realm: learning something new, fleeing an unsafe situation or simply for fun. Ultimately, it’s up to the writer of a story to decide why a particular character enters an alternative reality.

Sometimes characters are called upon to revisit a past event they experienced – whether that be death, an aborted romance, or simply embarrassing moments from their lives. Reliving such memories helps characters grow from them while learning from past errors.

At times, characters may find themselves drawn to parallel worlds to save it from destruction. While this can be an difficult and sometimes futile task, success requires creativity and taking calculated risks in order to find solutions to difficult problems.

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