KAWASAKI’s new Indonesian ZX trailer revealed for October’s Indonesia launch

The KAWASAKI ZX-4R, a four-cylinder yellow race bike, is definitely one of the most talked about bikes this year. Will this be the debut of the ZX-4R?

Kawasaki Indonesia has previously chosen Indonesia to launch the new ZX-25R four-cylinder 250c.c. race bike and the ZX-25R have had an impressive run in the country, selling 4,000 units since its launch, more than double the 2,000 units originally expected, so the chances of KAWASAKI launching the ZX-4R in Indonesia are quite high.

The ZX-4R will be powered by a 399c.c. the inline four-cylinder engine, according to information previously revealed in North America. The frame, suspension, and electronic controls will be co-designed with the ZX-25R, making it a very powerful bike in terms of handling and electronic control.

So far, the ZX-4R has been confirmed for the North American market. Whether the ZX-4R will be launched in other regions such as Europe and Japan will depend on whether the four-cylinder race car will be able to meet the environmental protection and vehicle inspection regulations of different regions in the future.

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