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Can You Edit YouTube videos After Uploading?

Have you ever uploaded a video on your YouTube channel and noticed something turned incorrect? Click here, maybe a delay within the transition or a wrong element cited within the video? There can be one thousand motives why you’d need to edit your YouTube video after uploading it.

You ought to delete the video, edit it and upload it again… right?

But what if the video is excessive in seeking consequences and has a variety of perspectives?

Do not panic, as there may be a wish.

I recently uploaded a video to my YouTube channel and found out that I forgot to cut more footage toward the end of the video.

The finishing seemed bland, and if someone had been to watch my video for the first time, they would think I was a novice.

I jumped online to see if there was a way to fix the problem, which is what I discovered!

Can you edit YouTube movies after uploading them? Yes. Thanks to the YouTube Studio video editor, you may make minor enhancements to your uploaded motion pictures. It’s not as characteristic-rich as downloadable video-modifying software programs, though. Still, you can use it to edit elements of your uploaded video right on the platform!

YouTube Video Editor is a real boon because you can, without difficulty, trim elements of your video after uploading.

With YouTube Video Editor’s built-in tools, you can make primary edits to your films without difficulty.

But why trim your motion pictures AFTER and add them?

Why do you need to edit your video after uploading it

YouTube Studio’s video editor lets you trim diverse parts of your already uploaded YouTube videos.

This will help you take away parts you forgot to get rid of throughout the modifying phase.

YouTube does now not want creators to make massive modifications to published motion pictures, especially if the video has already been considered.

The motive is that importing a brand new video to replace a vintage one while retaining the features of the previous video should misinform users and YouTube’s algorithm.

However, the website is aware that now and again, artists make honest mistakes, or someone who appears in the uploaded movies asks to do away with them from the video.

Therefore, any YouTube author can remove sequences from their motion pictures without resetting the video metrics.

It’s worth noting that according to Google, you can’t store modifications in your edited video when you have over 1000 views and aren’t enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program.

Let us see if YouTube Video Editor helps you to edit films you have got uploaded inside the beyond.

Can you edit YouTube videos you’ve got already uploaded?

YouTube Editor lets you edit movies immediately on the YouTube platform, along with the ones already posted or shared.

YouTube Studio is a valuable device for organizing your films, playlists, and other content material on YouTube.

You can also use records to peer how your channel and individual movies are doing.

And although YouTube Editor is an easy device compared to other video modifying programs, the capacity to make minor adjustments to your video after Uploading is a lifesaver for plenty of video producers.

We know you may edit motion pictures recently uploaded to YouTube, but does it paint with YouTube movies you have already uploaded?

Can you edit YouTube movies that have already been uploaded? Yes, you may! With the 2017 YouTube Editor Update, creators could make minor edits to their uploaded YouTube films without changing the URL or metrics!

This is a handy feature for those who no longer want to miss out on views in their already uploaded films and want to edit part of the video.

Read on to find out how you can edit YouTube movies you’ve already uploaded without converting the URL with the aid of uploading them again or resetting the video’s metrics.

How to edit already uploaded YouTube films the use of YouTube video modifying software program. With a YouTube video editor, you have the choice to edit your videos after uploading.

These edits include the following:

Removing sections at the beginning, center, or quit of the video.

Adding a blur effect to cover objects inside the video.

Add or replace the audio with a royalty-unfastened song from the YouTube Audio Library.

You also can upload watermarks and symbols for your videos.

Learn a way to edit YouTube movies after importing them:

Sign in

The first step to enhancing uploaded/published YouTube movies is registering with your Google account.

Locate the video you need to trade.

After you register, you can get the right of entry to all your posted movies.

When you click on the Videos button, you may get a listing of all of your posted movies.

Select the video you want to edit.

Make adjustments to YouTube videos.

When you click the video, you need to change. You’ll see all the information, including the name, description, viewability, and many others.

Selecting “Editor” on the left aspect of the screen will take you to the YouTube video editor interface.

Now you can trim the present YouTube video by adjusting the sliders at the timeline.


When you’re satisfied with the modified video, you may now shop for it.

Now that you recognize a way to trim your already uploaded YouTube video, let us find out if you can upload or update the track in an uploaded YouTube video.

As stated in the above section, you could add a song from YouTube’s royalty-loose song library to your uploaded YouTube videos.

It’s smooth to exchange the audio or music file for your YouTube video. There are several reasons why you might need to trade or add audio, such as:

  • You want to add a heritage track.
  • YouTube has blocked your song music as it violates copyright law.
  • Let me show you how smooth it’s to change or upload a track for your video from the hundred and 50000+ unfastened channels to be had on your YouTube account.
  • Start in the same enhancing vicinity where you left off while editing your video.
  • Find the music word and select it from the drop-down menu.

When you click on the blue audio button, you’ll be taken to a display screen where you’ll see various audio documents to pick from.

Select an audio song from the YouTube library. You can sort the results using style, mood, and duration.

When you discover the music you want, add it to your video and keep it.

After clicking “Save,” the sound could be brought to the video.

Now that you realize how to upload and update audio in your already uploaded YouTube video let us see how you can blur items using the YouTube video editor.

Blurring items is simple with YouTube Video Editor.

You may additionally need to blur parts of your video to cover information that is better left unpublished.

Blurring parts to your uploaded video is not a difficult assignment because YouTube Video Editor lets you speedy add custom blur fields in your uploaded video.

Follow the same steps as cropping and tuning to a YouTube video and get to the YouTube Video Editor interface.

After that:

In the Timeline area, pick out” Blur segments of your video” and click “Face Blur.”

The video is then routinely processed by using YouTube, which seems for prominent faces.

When processing is whole, select the face/object you want to blur and click on Apply.

By manually changing the begin and giving up the timestamp of the blur effect, you could range the length of time over which the product takes effect.

You also can manually trade the scale of the blur effect so that it suits flawlessly at the face/object you want to blur.

When you are happy with the effect, click on Save.

If you need to eliminate the blur impact, click on the Trash button next to the timestamps or choose Discard Changes to delete all consequences.

Alternatively, you may pick out Custom Blur and manually choose a shape to cover an object.

You already know how to make the edits allowed by YouTube Video Editor.

What else can you change on an uploaded YouTube video?

There is much stuff you could edit in an already uploaded YouTube video.

We already realize that you can do the subsequent with the YouTube video editor:

  • Small sections of the already uploaded video.
  • Add music from the YouTube library.
  • Blur faces/gadgets.
  • In addition to these edits, you can additionally:
  • Add cards with text on your motion pictures.
  • Change the video description to add or do away with hashtags, associate hyperlinks, etc.
  • Add keywords.
  • Change/personalize the thumbnail of the video.


If you discover errors in your films that you would like to pass over – YouTube Video Editor’s small enhancing functions assist you in improving your video!

The enormous benefit of this selection is that the URL of your video will remain unchanged, and the video will continue to be regarded even after modification.

However, there aren’t nearly as many enhancing options as a full-fledged video editor like Wondershare Filmora or Adobe Premier Pro.

Note that you can’t keep adjustments as soon as your movies have more than 100,000 perspectives.

Unless you are a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

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