Art of Dining USA

As art expands to encompass all areas of culture, ARTnews examines how museums are including food in their exhibitions.

Erway found his attempt at saving money transformed into a deeper appreciation for home-cooked flavors, the anti-restaurant underground scene including supper clubs and cook-offs, freeganism, and wild edible tours.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills restaurants embrace the luxurious atmosphere of Los Angeles’ most exclusive zip code with gusto. Tasting menus are standard at Curtis Stone’s low-key tasting room Maude, while Osiel Gastelum’s new restaurant Crustacean highlights true spice and acid in dishes like salmon skin chicharon, octopus tacos, and whole Baja fried snapper.

Sur Le Vert wine bar on Canon Avenue provides an ideal setting for an elegant day without draining your wallet: visitors can sip from an extensive selection of natural wines (something rare for Beverly Hills), while enjoying snacks such as smoked tuna crudo in chili oil and cheese boards.

At the luxurious Peninsula Beverly Hills, guests can indulge in Mediterranean and Asian fare in an airy dining room decorated with plants and photographs of old Hollywood stars by Randall Slavin. Additionally, its club bar serves up drinks that highlight local flavors while offering unique variations on classic cocktails.

New York City

Manhattan may be known for being an overcrowded metropolis, but there are also hidden corners within its boundaries to discover. From hidden bars to private gardens tucked away within, Manhattan contains many classified treasures that await discovery.

Aspiring diners don’t have to settle for stunning skyline views when searching for dinner with an amazing view; many of the restaurants on this list–like Estela–are situated within impressive art-filled spaces that offer memorable dining experiences.

Food in New York City: Bigger Than the Plate presents how artists and designers are exploring sustainable approaches to eating in New York. The exhibition examines its complex food systems – from its lively restaurant scene to activist efforts to source local foods – and hopes to inspire the public in feasting for a better world.


Philadelphians may criticize their hometown – traffic, crime and sports teams alike being fair game – but eating here will remind you what a special place it truly is. From cobblestone streets in Old City to barbacoa breakfast at historic Italian market or leafy rooftop for drinks and dinner; Philadelphia offers deliciously extravagant food experiences.

Frank Gehry’s 76-seat restaurant at the Philadelphia Museum of Art made its debut last October and immediately proved popular among visitors. Offering both seafood and vegetables from local farms, its focus is to preserve seasonality for maximum taste!

San Francisco

Food and art have always gone hand-in-hand in the Bay Area. Our city’s vibrant mix of cultures – Chinese, Italian, Indian, Mexican – have left their mark on our cuisine along with its world-famous restaurants.

Breadbelly’s James Beard Award-nominated bakers create delicious Asian-influenced treats with California cuisine, like lime green kaya toast topped with coconut pandan jam and snowflake sea salt, as well as sandwiches, soups and salads featuring Berkshire pork chops on their menu.

San Francisco developed an innovative program during the COVID-19 pandemic called Parklets that enabled Thestaurant and bars to lease parking spaces as outdoor dining spots called “parklets.” One such parklet in the shadow of airport icons features freshly baked Holey Roller bagels in the morning, followed by Detroit-style pizza in the evening.

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